How to Renew McAfee Antivirus using Product Key?

How to Renew McAfee Antivirus using Product Key

McAfee antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus brands which are globally famous for providing the top quality features. It provides security from all kind of threats. The powerful scan of McAfee antivirus removes all the dangerous threats from your device and network. There are millions of active users of McAfee users who are purely satisfied with McAfee services. Once you get McAfee subscription; you can feel safe that your device is now in safe hands. If you want to use McAfee for a long time, then you have to go for McAfee Antivirus Renewal.

As you know, McAfee activation and renewal are two different processes. If you are using the 30-days trial, then you have activated the McAfee account first. Without enabling, you won’t be able to use McAfee antivirus for a long time.

How Can I Activate my McAfee Antivirus?

You should always register to McAfee account with your current email address. It will help to reset the password and get other feeds about your McAfee account. Follow the steps to activate McAfee account:

  1. Open your device
  2. Go to McAfee dashboard
  3. Click on McAfee My Account
  4. Go to Subscription
  5. Tap Edit Profile
  6. Type the email address
  7. Hit the next button
  8. Enter the password
  9. Hit the next button
  10. Go to Activate now
  11. Enter the Product Key
  12. Tap on Activate Now button

Your antivirus will get activated. If you are facing any query such as How to enter product key in McAfee Antivirus, then you can quickly get help from here. You have to enter the key which you have received on your email. It is 25-digit serial key; you have to copy the key from the email and paste it on the given boxes. It will ensure that you are entering the correct string of digits.

How do I renew my McAfee Subscription?

McAfee subscription with Product key

Before you proceed for the McAfee Subscription Renewal process; ensure that you are carrying the product key with you. Once you get the subscription key, then you can perform McAfee Renewal with Product Key. Follow the given steps to renew McAfee subscription free:

  1. Visit McAfee antivirus
  2. Go to My accounts
  3. Click on Sign-in option
  4. Enter the registered email which you have provided while registering for McAfee® antivirus
  5. Enter the password
  6. Click on My Account Option
  7. Choose the subscription plan
  8. Click on McAfee Renew
  9. Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the renewal process
  10. Enter the billing details
  11. Click on confirm button

Once you renew or upgrade your McAfee account; you will notice various changes such as additional features in the McAfee account. If you want to use McAfee on your multiple devices, then you should go for McAfee Multi-devices subscription plans. With these plans, you can quickly secure your various devices. You can protect your desktop, laptop as well as Smartphone with just one subscription. McAfee offers multiple other advanced features for providing a safe and secure environment to its users.

How do I renew my McAfee subscription with Product key?

If you get a retail product of McAfee antivirus to renew your McAfee antivirus but you don’t have a CD drive then don’t worry. You can renew McAfee with Product Key only. If you have a retail plan for antivirus renewal and you have a setup installed on your device then you can renew the plan easily. But your retail plan should match the setup. If you have purchased McAfee setup which does not match with the installed plan then you can’t renew your plan with the key. In this case, you have to uninstall the previous McAfee plan and install the new one. But if you have the similar McAfee product then you can renew the plan with a product key.

How to renew McAfee LiveSafe with Product key?

Firstly, check for the product in the retail box. Open McAfee retail box and search for the silver card. Take out the card and check the product key. You will see a URL along with the key. Once you get the product key then open your device and click on McAfee icon. Your McAfee dashboard will appear on the screen. Click on My Info page. You will get an Activate button. Click on the Activate button and you will be redirected to McAfee website. Now enter your McAfee username and password. Click on the login button. Now click on subscription. Choose the Activate button and you will get a block on the screen. Enter the product key in the block. Check the product key from the card and type it carefully. You must check the key twice before hitting the confirm button because if you enter the wrong key multiple times then McAfee will freeze your account temporarily. Once you press the Confirm button; wait until you get the confirmation screen. Now open your McAfee dashboard again and go to My Info page to check whether your McAfee antivirus gets renewed or not. You will also receive a renewal confirmation email from McAfee.

How to renew McAfee antivirus in Windows 10?

If your McAfee gets expired or is going to expire on a Windows 10 device then you can easily renew it by purchasing the subscription. If your McAfee plan comes under McAfee auto-renewal then your setup will get renewed automatically. But if your plan is not applicable for auto-renewal then you have to renew it easily. Open your McAfee dashboard and click on My Info page. Go to the Renew button. Now your page will be redirected to McAfee website. You will see a billing screen with your McAfee renewal order. Check your order and all the billing details carefully and then press the confirm button. The billing process may take some time. Once complete, you will see a renewal confirmation message on the screen. Now close the page and open your McAfee dashboard. Go to the info page and check whether your McAfee license expiry date gets extended or not. If yes then you have renewed your McAfee plan successfully.

Upgrading McAfee antivirus in Windows 10

If you want another McAfee antivirus plan on your device then upgrade the plan once the prior plan expires. McAfee provides various plans for your Windows 10 PC so you can easily choose a good plan for your device. Before upgrading the McAfee plan, you should use the prior plan until the expiry date. In renewal, if you renew the plan before the expiry date; the remaining days get added to the new subscription. But this service is not available while upgrading your McAfee. If you upgrade the plan before the expiry date, the remaining days will get lapse. So, wait until the plan expires and then upgrade the plan easily.

Steps for Upgrading McAfee antivirus on Windows 10:

  1. Open your Windows 10 PC
  2. Hover the cursor to the taskbar
  3. Double-click on the McAfee icon
  4. Choose Your Subscription
  5. Select Buy a Subscription option
  6. Tap the Buy Now button
  7. A billing page will appear on your screen

Enter your billing details and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the payment. Wait until you get the McAfee upgrade confirmation message on your screen. Now go to the registered email address and check for the mail you have received from McAfee. Click on the URL and the new McAfee plan will start installing. You will get a permission prompt on the screen, click on the Allow button and then follow the on-screen instructions. Your new McAfee plan will get installed on your device. It automatically removed the existing McAfee plan from your device to prevent conflict issues. In case your old McAfee plan is still on your PC then uninstall it manually. Now restart your device and run a system scan with your new McAfee antivirus.

Common issues while renewing McAfee antivirus

Forgot My Account email address

If you forget the email address or password you have registered with McAfee then you can’t open the McAfee account page. You need to find the email address and recover the password for logging into your McAfee account.

  1. Finding McAfee email address
  2. Open your McAfee dashboard
  3. Click on My Info

Check on the left pane and you will get the registered email address along with the subscription details. Now use this email address for logging in to your McAfee account. On the web browser, go to the McAfee website. Click on My Account and type the email address for signing into your account.

Forgot My password

If you forget the password you have entered while creating a McAfee account then you need to reset it. You can follow the given steps for resetting your McAfee password:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Go to the McAfee website
  3. Click on MyAccount
  4. Choose My Account option and click on Log In
  5. Select Forgot Your Password option
  6. Enter your registered email address
  7. Select Send email option

Now open the registered email account and check for the email you get from McAfee. Click on the Reset your McAfee password option and click on the link. McAfee password reset page will appear on the screen. Type a new password for your McAfee account and click on the Confirm button. Now you can use the new password for opening your McAfee account. The reset link will expire after 72 hours. Reset the password within 72 hours otherwise repeat these steps for getting a new reset link.

Renewing McAfee antivirus with a setup CD

You can also renew your McAfee antivirus with the retail plan. Open the McAfee antivirus retail box and check for the key card. You will get the product key imprinted on the card. Now open the McAfee dashboard and click on the My Info page. On the left side, click on the Renew button and enter the product key. Click on the Activate button and your McAfee plan will get renewed immediately.

What is McAfee multi-licensed plan and how to renew it?

McAfee also provides multi-licensed plans to users. These are special plans where the user can use a single subscription on various devices. When you have a single license subscription to McAfee, you can use it on only one device. If you are not using that device anymore then you can easily transfer the license to another device. However, you can transfer the license to the same interface. But when you have a multi-licensed plan, you can easily secure several devices. In this plan, you can secure your PC, laptop, mac, Android, and iOS devices using a single McAfee subscription. All the licenses can be managed with a single account. 

When you purchase McAfee multi-licensed plans, you get the primary license on your device. Now you can easily share the licenses on other devices. 

  1. Open your McAfee account on the web browse
  2. Go to Menu and hit on My Account
  3. Tap on the subscription page and select Add license
  4. Now you have to enter the email you can open on another device
  5. Hit on Submit button
  6. Now open the entered email on another device
  7. You will get a link from McAfee
  8. Click on the link and McAfee will start installing on the device

You can share McAfee licenses to any device and use McAfee antivirus. This plan is excellent for securing all devices of your family. 

Renewing McAfee’s multi-licensed plan

You can renew your McAfee multi-licensed plan like any other plan. Though you have licenses on various devices, you can only renew the subscription only from the primary account. You can make all changes, using the primary account only.

Steps to renew McAfee multi-license subscription

  1. Open your McAfee account on the browser
  2. Tap on My Profile and go to subscription
  3. You will see your McAfee multi-licensed plan
  4. Now tap on Renew button next to the Expired status
  5. Enter the banking details 
  6. Tap on Renew button

Now your whole plan will be renewed and the antivirus will start running on all devices. You can also renew your McAfee multi-licensed plan before the expiry date. Instead of waiting for the expiry date, renew the plan anytime. The new plan will automatically start when the old subscription expires. If you are planning to use your McAfee antivirus multi-licensed plan for a long time then you can enable the auto-renewal feature. After enabling this feature, your plan will renew automatically before the expiry. 

Sharing McAfee multi-licensed plan using a product key

You can also share your McAfee antivirus using a product key. Say you have a free McAfee antivirus installed on your Android device. To upgrade the plan, you can get a key from your McAfee-multi licensed plan. You don’t have to uninstall the free McAfee antivirus plan from your device.

  1. Go to your McAfee account 
  2. Open subscription window
  3. Tap on Add account 
  4. Select OS type (Android) and enter the email address
  5. Tap on Submit button
  6. Now open your email account on your phone and you will see a link and product key
  7. Copy the product key and go to the McAfee app
  8. Tap on the Upgrade button
  9. Paste the product key and hit on Confirm

Your McAfee plan will be updated and now you can use the premium antivirus tools.

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