How to Fix Epson Error Code 0x9a?

Epson is a reliable and robust printer device. You can set up your printer to several devices like PC, laptops, phones, and iDevices. A New Epson printer can also be shared on the network. But there is an error code that often appears on this printer. Epson error 0x9a occurs when the cartridges are not working correctly. When the user sends a print command, the Epson printer stops working and shows this error message. Sometimes the paper jam can also cause this printer error. Whenever your Epson printer device shows any error, you should seek technical help. Our technical team can troubleshoot any type of Epson printer-related issue.

Common reasons behind error 0x9a in Epson printer

  1. You have installed faulty cartridges
  2. Cartridge is empty
  3. Epson printer is unable to detect refilled cartridge
  4. Bend or damaged rails
  5. Encoder strips get dirty 
  6. Printhead is clogged 
  7. Epson printer fuser is overheated

Best ways to resolve Epson error 0x9a

Clean your Epson printer manually

Whenever your printer shows any problem, you should check for dust or debris on it. Many times paper chunks, stapler pins, or some debris get stuck inside the printer and cause errors. You have to clean the Epson printer. 

Here are the steps to clean your Epson printer:

  1. Check the print queue; if you have pending jobs then cancel them
  2. Turn off your Epson printer 
  3. Open the Epson printer cover
  4. Now search for paper chunks or any type of junk
  5. Remove all debris from the printer
  6. Take out the sheet feeder and output tray
  7. Life printer’s scanner tray and check for dust

Clean the whole printer and lower the scanner unit. Now restart the printer and load sheets on the input tray. Always align the sheets correctly on the input tray. Now take a test printout on your Epson device.

Power restart the printer

Many Epson error codes can get repaired by power restarting the printer. Your printer can get issues when some of the services are not working correctly. To run those services, you can power restart the device. When your Epson device is on, remove the power cord. Now wait for about 10 seconds and then reconnect the cord. Epson printers must start automatically. All of its services will start from the beginning. Go to the printer screen and take a test printout to ensure that your error has been resolved. 

Reinstall the ink cartridge

How to Fix Epson Error Code 0x9a
How to Fix Epson Error Code 0x9a

Few users get this error code after installing a new cartridge. You may have to reinstall the cartridge correctly on the printer. Go to the Epson printer and remove its top cover. Now check whether the cartridges are moving automatically or not. If not, try to move them manually. Close the lid and check for the error. If the printer is still showing an error then take out the recently installed cartridge and check the sideways. Ensure that the cartridge pins are not broken and touching the contacts correctly. Also, remove the plastic protective tapes before installing a new cartridge. Now reinstall the cartridge and you will hear a click sound once it gets installed correctly. Close the lid and now send a print command to your Epson device.

Clean the encoder strip

This strip is made of plastic in the carriage that reads the speed and position. Epson printer shows an error when the encoder strip gets dirty. You have to clean the encoder strip to troubleshooter the error:

  1. Turn off your Epson printer
  2. Remove the power cable
  3. Lift the top lid of your Epson device
  4. Take a clean cloth soaked in the clean ink solution
  5. Wipe all the leftover ink

After cleaning, wait until it dries. Don’t rub the encoder strip forcefully. Now restart the Epson printer and check the error message. If you can’t clean the encoder strip manually, get help from our experts. 

Use utility tool

You can try using a utility tool to repair your Epson Error Code 0x9a. You can download the Epson utility tool from the internet. Now connect the Epson printer to the device and now you have to scan your printer. If the printer is facing any problem; this utility tool will fix it.

  1. Open the web browser and search for Epson repair utility software
  2. Download the tool on your device
  3. Go to the downloaded file and then run the setup for installation
  4. Open the utility tool on your device
  5. Click on the Scan option

After completing the scanning process, tap on the Fix button. Wait until the process completes and then restart the device. Now send a print command to your Epson device and check for the error message.

Check the refilled cartridge

Some people get the Epson error 0x9a when they install a refilled cartridge on the printer. The printer may not be able to read the refilled cartridge. You have to reinstall the cartridge on your Epson. Go to your printer and check the cartridge slots. Now eject all the cartridges from the printer. Take your refilled cartridge and insert it into another slot. Check whether the slot status changes from 0 to 1 or not. If the status changes, your printer is not recognizing the refilled cartridge. Eject the cartridge from the wrong slot and now start installing all cartridges (including refilled cartridge) one by one. Check the slots’ status to ensure that your printer is reading the cartridges. Now you should take a test printout from your Epson device.

Reset the Epson printer to factory settings

If your Epson device is showing the error due to invalid settings; try resetting it. You can reset the printer to factory settings and then reconfigure it to the PC. The Epson device has an inbuilt reset button on the rear side. Turn off the Epson printer and check its rear side. Now use a paper clip to press and hold the reset button. While holding that button, press the power button. After a few seconds, a warning page will print. Now release the button and you will get another printout regarding factory reset. After resetting the printer, you have to reconfigure it with your computer and now your error will get resolved.

Get help from the printer troubleshooting team

If your printer is showing error 0x9a, talk to our team and get the best printer support. Our services are round the clock available for troubleshooting all your Epson printer-related problems. Contact your experts via phone call, email, or a live chat session. 


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