Fix HP Printer Error 59.f0

HP is providing you with top printer models with excellent printing speed and quality. From big sized-laser to small pocket printers, HP manufactures all types of printers. These printers are reliable but may show a few errors sometimes. 59.f0 error is very common in HP inkjet devices. Whenever you face the error code, you should get professional support. Our team provides excellent printer error troubleshooting and repairing services. This error code appears due to transfer alienation failure. The ITB of the printer got stuck and is unable to rotate completely. But some other reasons can also cause HP printer error 59.f0.

Common reasons behind HP m575 error 59.00.f0

  1. ITB is unable to rotate freely
  2. SR9 sensor is not working 
  3. Issues on internet motor of HP printer
  4. The connected device meets any runtime error
  5. Certain printer services are not working 
  6. HP printer fuser is burnt out

Resolving error 59 f0 in HP printer

Run a printer troubleshooter

This error occurs due to an error in ITB. But sometimes, any small runtime error can lead the printer to this error code. You should try running a printer troubleshooter tool. If the error is occurring due to a runtime error, this troubleshooting tool will fix it. Go to the connected computer and open the Update & Security page. Now click on the Troubleshooter option on the left pane. Click on Printer and run the utility troubleshooter tool of Windows. The tool will inspect all your printer-related files. If any of the files is causing the HP error, this troubleshooter will repair it. After running the tool, check the wizard for the result. If the wizard is showing fixed status, your printer will start working. In case the printer error is not resolved, check on the Read More button and check for the causes behind the error.

Reset your fuser assembly

When the printer shows a 59.f0 error, check for the fuser. You can troubleshoot this error by resetting the fuser assembly. The fuser and toner assembly can be reset by turning off the HP printer. In case you have any surge protector on the printer then remove it before shutting down the printer. Here are the steps to reset the fuser assembly:

  1. Go to your HP printer and turn it off for a few minutes.
  2. Check for the connected surge protector. If you have any, remove them.
  3. Now turn on your HP printer
  4. Once the printer is revitalized, reset its fuser assembly by reinstalling 
  5. Run the sensor test on sensor monitor mode
  6. Check whether the primary transfer disengagement is functioning or not

Finally, perform an alienation drive on the HP printer. Now check the HP printer and take a test printout. If your printer is running smoothly, your printer error has been resolved.

Update the printer driver

Error 59 f0 is software related error but sometimes the user may get this problem with the HP printer driver being outdated. When the driver is outdated, many printer functions start working strangely. You should check for the update of your HP printer driver. Go to the printer-connected device and open the drivers’ folder. Check the HP printer driver; ensure that you have the correct HP printer driver. Match the driver with your HP printer model. Go to the driver and hit the Update button. Ensure that the system is connected to the internet. If the new update for the HP driver is available, it will start installing. After installing the update, restart your computer and now check the HP printer for the error code.

Reset the ITB

To repair the printer, you have to inspect all the internal connections of ITB like sensor and connection. You also need to check if the ITB and CD controller PCA are connected correctly or not. If all the connections on your HP printers are correct then you have to reset the ITB.

Here are the steps to reset ITB:

  1. Open the right door of your HP printer
  2. Grab the blue levers and pull the transfer belt downwards
  3. Continue until a set of 2 large handles pops free
  4. Hold the handles on the transfer belt assembly
  5. Pull the transfer bet until it gets removed completely
  6. Now you have to install a new transfer belt in reverse order
  7. Ensure that you are not touching the surface while installing the belt
  8. After resetting new transfer kit settings, open the control panel and click on Home
  9. Go to the Administration menu and tap on Manage supplies 
  10. Choose Rest Supplies and tap on New Transfer Kit
  11. Click on Yes and hit the OK button

After replacing the transfer belt, perform full calibration. Now the color tones, drums, and color plane will be set correctly. Take a test printout and check HP m575 error 59.00.f0. 

Inspect the ITB

To repair the printer, you should test the ITB and flag manually. Rotating the ITB gear can fix the HP printer error message. While rotating the white ITB gear, you have to check for any kind of fluctuations. In case both flag and gear are working correctly then check for SR9 sensor. Search for the SR9 sensor in the ITB cavity of the Control Panel. 

Steps to inspect ITB:

  1. Go to HP printer and rotate ITB gear
  2. Now check for any type of fluctuation in the flag
  3. If you see any damage, replace the ITB
  4. But if the ITB is fine then check for Sensor SR9
  5. Go to Control Panel and click on ITB cavity
  6. Choose Sensor SR9 option
  7. Hit the Home button and choose the Diagnostics keys
  8. Tap on OK and select Manual Sensor Test

Hit on the OK button and then release the SR9 flag. Check the HP printer screen for errors. Try a test printout from your HP device.

Get professional help for repairing error 59 f0 in the HP printer

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