Download and install MS office with Product Keys Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office® is the most familiar word processor in the world. The robust interface of MS Office lets you perform numerous tasks smoothly. Office 2016 Key Product enables you to use various tools that make your job easier. Along with Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc., it provides numerous other features that are very handy in daily life. The new variants include a good number of themes to choose from! There are also some enhanced icons.

How to download and install MS Office Home and Student 2016 Product Key

Office for Home: MS Office products come with the redeem key. You will need this key while installing MS Office on your device. If you have an MS Office account, then you can log in to it and then directly download the setup. If you don’t, then you have to create an MS Office account. Follow the given steps:

  1. Go to MS Office website
  2. Click on sign up
  3. Create your MS Office account
  4. Now log in the account
  5. Click on Install Office
  6. Hit the Install button
  7. Now the setup will start downloading on your device

After completing the MS Office downloading process, you can proceed to Installation.

Installing MS Office on Windows PC

  1. Go to the downloads
  2. Run the MS Office setup file
  3. A permission pop-up will appear on the screen
  4. Click on the Yes button
  5. Follow the given on-screen commands for completing the installation process
  6. Once complete, hit the close button
  7. Restart your PC

Now go to Office application and access whatever tool you want to use.

Installing MS Office on Mac

  1. Go to downloads
  2. Search for MS Office installer setup
  3. Double-click on the installer
  4. Hit the continue button
  5. You will get the license agreement pop up on the screen
  6. Read the license agreement
  7. Hit the confirm button
  8. Check the disk requirement and other changes
  9. Tap the install button
  10. Permission prompt will appear on the screen
  11. Enter the admin credentials
  12. Tap the Install software button
  13. MS Office will start installing on your device
  14. Wait for completing the installation process
  15. Once installed, restart your device

Top features of Microsoft Office pro plus 2016 product key free

Smart lookup

With a smart lookup, you can search the highlighted content directly from the internet. With this feature, you can quickly check the meaning, definition, and other information regarding the context. Follow the steps for using smart lookup:

  1. Highlight the text you want to search
  2. Right-click to choose smart lookup
  3. From the ribbon; click on smart lookup
  4. The smart lookup pane will appear on the screen; you can check the related information there.

Tell Me

With the Tell Me tool, you can effortlessly search the context; it will show the search results as soon as possible in the 2016 Product Key Microsoft Office®. You have to type the text you want to search in the Tell Me dialog box. The search results will quickly appear on your screen.

New, modern charts and graphs

With MS Excel, you can easily maintain your data. Key Product Office 2016 is providing you new features like new, modern charts and graphs which make our task much easier. With these features, you can easily visualize the data, which makes it very comfortable.

One-click forecasting

With this tool, you have creates a basic forecast from the time-based or historical data. The one-click forecast generates a worksheet of prior data and can predict the results. This tool is very useful in terms of inventory requirements, future sales, etc. You have to select all the data by which you want to forecast and then choose the Forecast sheet. It will automatically generate the Forecast values.

New themes

With Office Product Keys 2016, you can access various new themes. The dark gray theme of MS Office gives ease to your eyes. You can also get a colorful theme according to your choice.

Common issues with Office 2016 Key Product

How to recover MS Office key?

Losing a key is very common. Once the product gets activate; most of the people forget about the key. But you may need this key from time to time, such as if you want to transfer your MS Office subscription, then you will need this key. If you need to reinstall the suite, then you will need the key to activating the product. If you lost the key, then you can use PassFab Product Key for recovery. You can only recover the genuine key with PassFab.

  1. You have to download PassFab in your device
  2. Install PassFab
  3. Hit the Get Key button
  4. You will get a page with a list of keys of various keys of software programs which are installed in your device
  5. Choose MS Office key
  6. Hit the Generate Text button
  7. Now you can easily copy the key
  8. Save all the keys in a folder for further use.

MS Office 2016 crashes on Windows 10

Many people reported that their MS Office gets crashed after updating Windows 10. Most of the time, crashing issues gets resolved by restarting the device. Just restart your device and check whether MS Office is working properly or not. If not, then we should use the repair tool. Follow the steps for using the Windows repair tool:

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Go to programs
  3. Click on uninstall a program
  4. Go to MS office and right-click the icon
  5. Click online repair option
  6. Wait for completing the process

Once complete, you can use MS Office reliably.

MS Office Home and student 2016 product key is not working

Most of the key error occurs when the user has inserted the wrong key. Check the key carefully before hitting the confirm button. You can copy and paste the key; this method will help to minimize the wrong key issues. But if you are entering the correct key and still getting errors, then you should try Microsoft Activation Troubleshooter. Run this tool and then try to use your Office key.

You can also visit direct Microsoft website to complete your setup.

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