How to Resolve Bitdefender Update Failed Error 1002?



Bitdefender antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus programs which are preferred by most of the computer users. It provides various tools and services that work excellently while securing the device. The interface of Bitdefender antivirus is quite simple; any person can use the antivirus very easily. Bitdefender provides a robust service; you merely get errors while using Bitdefender errors. But you can’t predict run-time errors such as Bitdefender update failed. You can get updating errors due to low hard disk space, slow internet access or software confliction. Run-time errors occur due to some issues or corruption is the device files or network.

How to Resolve Bitdefender<sup>™</sup><sup>™</sup> Update Failed Error 1002


What can cause Bitdefender Error Code 1002?

You can encounter with error 1002 anytime like while you are running a program, or during installation Bitdefender. Any small error in the device can lead to Bitdefender error 1002 error. People also reported that this error appears in the machine after making some changes in the system. The malware infection can also create conflict in running Bitdefender antivirus. The run-time errors can encounter anytime due to any reason. You can’t predict the exact cause of this error. It can occur due to any software issue, corrupted registries, incomplete installation etc. You can also get the Bitdefender Update Failed Error 1002 due to any recent changes in the system. If this is the case, then undoing the settings can resolve this error.

Symptoms you may get while dealing with Bitdefender does not update automatically issue:

  • Error 1002 pop-up will repeatedly appear on the screen
  • The running program crashes, and you will face the same situation while trying to run the program again
  • Windows tools will start running slowly, and your device may begin rebooting itself
  • Your device may encounter with regular crushes and freezes.

How to fix error 1002?

There is not a fix cause of run-time error; trying some necessary fixes can be helpful.

Update the PC drivers

Outdated PC drivers can be a cause of Bitdefender install error. Update the device drivers of the systems to resolve this error. Most of the device drivers get updated automatically. But due to any reasons, the drivers unable to get updates. You have to update the device drivers manually to resolve Bitdefender removal and have finished with errors. Follow the steps given below for updating the device drivers:

  1. Go to start menu
  2. Search for device manager
  3. From device manager, click on update driver
  4. If the device driver gets corrupted, then reinstalling the device driver can be helpful.
  5. Click on device manager
  6. Right-click on the icon and hit the uninstall button
  7. Restart your device
  8. Reinstall the driver

Scan your device

A malware attack can be a potential reason for this error. Scanning the device can help to fix the error. Follow the given steps:

  1. Hit the start menu
  2. Enter command
  3. Press ctrl and shift keys together
  4. Hit the enter button
  5. Tap yes in the dialog box
  6. Type sfc/scannow in the command prompt
  7. The system file checker tool will start scanning the files
  8. Follow the on-screen commands
  9. Restart your device and check whether the error gets fixed or not.

You can also try updating Windows, removing junk files, repairing registry files or reinstalling Bitdefender in your device.


You can also visit direct Bitdefender website to complete your setup or call at 0040374303094.


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