How to Cancel Avast Cleanup Premium Subscription Plan?


Talking about antivirus and not mentioning Avast is impossible. Whenever anyone talks about top antivirus programs; Avast is always the first choice as it provides a large number of features at very good prices. The best thing about Avast antivirus is that this antivirus program offers various excellent features in its freeware. If you use your computer for just basic work then using freeware will be enough. But as you know, the computer is a very powerful device; if you want to access other features then you can go for Avast premium plans. For purchasing Avast antivirus from the internet; you have to enter your whole details and make a payment from debit/credit cards, PayPal or other net banking options. Avast provides 60 days trial. This antivirus also provides Avast renewal service which means whenever your antivirus is about to get out of service; it will automatically deduct your money to renew the antivirus. This auto-renewal feature helps to keep your device protected all the time. But sometimes this feature can be troublesome. For example, you don’t want to use Avast antivirus in your device but still, your money gets deducted from your account. With Avast Cancel Subscription, you can prevent auto-renewal service. If you are wondering how to cancel Avast 60 day Trial then we are here for help.

How to cancel Avast<sup>™</sup> Cleanup Premium Subscription plan?

How to cancel Avast Subscription?

If you are using Avast continuously then auto-renewal feature is good for you as you don’t have to renew the subscription manually. Once you use Avast service, you will be out of any worry. But this thing can be a big issue for others if they have Stop Avast Service but still paying for the subscription. If you are one of them and worrying about How to cancel Avast Auto-Renewal service then you are at the right place. Here we are mentioning the steps to get Avast Auto-Renewal Refund.

How do I cancel my Avast Subscription via Avast Account?

The best and easy way for Avast Cancel and refund is by using your Avast account. Follow the given steps:

  1. Go to your Avast account
  2. Click on Sign in
  3. Log in to your Avast account and ensure that you are using the same email
  4. Go to Licenses
  5. Click on your licenses
  6. You will see your licenses in that column
  7. Go to Auto-renewal license
  8. Tap the Cancel Auto-Renewal button
  9. Click on Deactivate Auto-renewal subscription
  10. You will get the confirmation email about canceling the automatic service.

How to Deactivate Avast via Order Portal?

If you have purchased Avast antivirus from Digital River then you can easily cancel Avast. Follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Digital river portal and provide your order number and password
  2. You can easily find the order number and password on your email by the time you purchased your antivirus.
  3. Now go to Manage Subscription
  4. Click on Automatic Renewals
  5. Toggle it to OFF
  6. Hit the Confirm button
  7. You will get a confirmation mail that your Auto-renewal service has been canceled.

By chance, if your Avast get auto-renew and money is deducted from your account then you can easily claim for Avast Refund. You will get your refund but you have to claim within 30 days.

How to cancel Avast Cleanup Premium Subscription?

If you want to cancel Avast Cleanup premium plan then you can directly cancel it from your Avast dashboard or you can also use the Avast account. But once you cancel the subscription then you can’t use your Avast features. If you have days remaining on your Avast antivirus setup then you should use it before you cancel Avast subscription. If you are canceling your Avast subscription because you don’t want your Avast antivirus to get renewed automatically then you can disable your auto-renewal mode. Once you disable the mode, your antivirus will not renew your plan automatically and make a payment from your credit card. 

If you disable the Avast auto-renewal mode then you can use all your Avast tools until your plan gets expired. Open your computer and click on the Avast icon. Avast dashboard will appear on the screen. Click on the Subscription button and then tap the auto-renewal mode. Your page gets redirected to the Avast website. Click on the Sign-in button and enter your Avast username and password. Click on the Login button. Now go to My Account and click on subscription and you will get an auto-renewal mode. Toggle the button next to it to Off. You may get a confirmation popup on the screen. Press the Confirm button. Now check whether your Avast auto-renewal gets disabled or not. You may also get a confirmation email on your registered email address. Once you have disabled your Avast auto-renewal plan then your plan will not get renewed automatically. 

How to cancel Avast Cleanup subscription?

If you want to proceed for Avast Cleanup premium cancel subscription then you have to visit the Avast website. Open your PC and search for Avast antivirus. Now click on the official website of Avast antivirus. Now navigate to the My Profile page. Now click on the License option and go to Your license page. Press the cancel Avast button. Once you cancel the subscription then you can’t use the Avast plan after the license expires. 

If your Avast plan gets auto-renewed but you don’t want to use that Avast plan further then you can ask for a refund from the Avast support team. But you must file the request within 30 days of auto-renewal. You can’t ask for a refund if you have used your Avast antivirus plan for more than 30 days. For Avast refund, you have to contact the Avast support. You have to fill a form regarding your product details such as renewal date, your Avast setup type, your order number, etc. You will be asked for a genuine reason for the refund. After you provide all the details, the Avast support team may take some time to confirm the details. Once done, you will get your refund. You can also ask for a refund by telephonic support. If you are canceling your Avast setup because you want to upgrade your plan then you can directly buy a new plan then it will automatically remove your old setup from the device and you can use your new Avast plan easily.


You can also visit direct Avast website to complete your setup or call at 1-844-340-9251.


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