What is Feminism?


Feminism is basically said to be equal rights between genders. It is a political and ideological movement of women rights. It’s aim is provide security, education, employment, basic human rights, social equality between genders etc.

History Of Feminism? When It’s Started ?

Feminism is the oldest movement .

First Wave Of Feminism:

The first wave of feminism started in the mid 19th century. The aim of the first wave of feminism is providing equal opportunities to women, suffering of women, right to vote, reproductive rights, etc.

Second Wave Of Feminism:

The second wave of feminism started in the 1960’s.The aim of the second wave is education rights, abortion rights, political rights, business rights, female sexuality etc.

Third Wave Of Feminism:

The third wave of feminism started in the 1990’s. The aim of this wave are abortion is women right, women freedom, control over their body, equal opportunities etc.

Fourth Wave Of Feminism:

The fourth wave of feminism was held in 2012. The aim of this empowerment of women, gender equality, sexual harassment, rape, body shaming, etc.

Dark Side Of Feminism

Feminism is basically equality between men and women but this movement became overused and toxic during the time . Nowadays feminist spread hate against masculinity and men. “All men are dogs “are common example of it. Some of the feminist became too emotional,sensitive,manipulative towards feminism. Feminism has also become a way to grab attention on social media. Nowadays feminist have forgotten the meaning of feminism and spread hate against men.

Feminism Is In Crisis!

In recent years feminism has become mainstream but now feminism got damaged from last year .Now feminism faces backlash from the younger generation. During the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case, fans were divided into two groups. Same fans say that it is an injustice against women. Some say that men are also falsely accused in cases. But the truth revealed after the decision of court and the Will Smith and Jada Smith case are also the reason. From these cases , men also saying that #MENTOO face mental issues, men have their own problems.

Toxic feminism is also the reason why feminism is facing backlash. women who actually needed help were being addressed. feminism failed to raise voices for the women who actual face domestic violence, unemployment, rape etc. In June 2022, New York Times wrote that “the future isn’t female anymore”.

Feminism In Islam

Islam gives rights to women before the west. In Islam, the main priority of a woman is his children but Islam doesn’t stop women from seeking knowledge. Islam also allows women to contribute to society in other ways and Khadijah(RA) is a common example of it . Those who don’t know about Khadijah she is the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and a successful business and she asked Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to marry her.


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