Ultimate Guide on How to Hire React Native Developer


You may have witnessed that some mobile applications are specific to Android or iOS devices. They are called native apps, and they have become trendy. Creating a standard native platform is a slow and complex process. Therefore, to deliver an easy and quick way to develop native apps, software development companies prefer React Native.

According to Research and Markets-

In 2020, the global IT outsourcing market valued 342.9 billion USD and is expected to reach 410.2 billion USD by 2027.

Ultimate Guide on How to Hire React Native Developer

Why Do Businesses Select React Native?

One of the foremost reasons businesses select React Native is because it saves money, is fast in the development process, and has increased demand among React developers.

React Native allows you to create cross-platform applications, build MVPs quickly, decrease development complications, and update apps instantly. Therefore, React Native developers are in huge demand.

Hence, reduced development budget and the capability to speed up project implementation are the main aspects of React Native.

Now that we know the usefulness of creating applications on React Native, here is a blueprint of what you should need to comprehend when hiring React Native developers. Let’s move ahead!

How To Hire A React Native Developer For Your Business?

Some suggestions that can assist you while hiring a skillful and proficient react native developer are-

1. Essential Requirements

Foremost, you need to decide your project requirements and think about how you want your app.

  • Define the project – You need to determine the necessary features of your product, the issues it solves, and who will be your target audience.
  • Write down the Features – Describe the core functions for the experience you are looking for in the developer.
  • Choose a platform – Consider the platforms your app will run on. If you have enough budget, you can use both platforms.

Understanding these factors will give you an exact picture of what kind of developer you want for your project.

2. Think About Multiple Hiring Options

Before concluding, you ought to understand the hiring options and the most suitable option according to your project goals. There are two major hiring options which are listed below

  • Freelancers – Hiring freelance React Native developers is a good option if you have a small business and have a professional on your side to handle them is added advantage.
  • In-house – In-house is an excellent choice if you are a large-scale company with many projects. This choice is more suitable because you can hire react native app developers and control the development process.

3. Select Hiring Location

One of the significant benefits of outsourcing companies is that they already have experienced developers. So you will not have to waste your valuable time searching for a knowledgeable professional. Moreover, you do not have to spend time dealing with all the financial and legal problems and preparing the development contract.

4. Interview Process

After knowing where to look for react native developers, it is time to figure out how to interview them. Below are the steps you can do to perform technical interviews effectively.

4.1 Set goals

Before selecting react native app developer, specify your goals. Ask their working methodology and the hard and soft skills of an ideal developer.

4.2 Initial Screening

Live video calls are an excellent method to measure developer credibility. Cultural background and individual values are sufficient for excellent team management.

4.3 Experience

It is vital to know how much experience the developer has. Whether you want to hire for a single project or multiple projects, experience plays a prominent role. The framework is new, so experienced developers know how things work.

4.4 React Native Proficiency

You should hire developers who have the right skills to make React Native apps. They should know the right components, libraries, and tools and have soft skills.

4.5 Domain Expertise

One of the much-unnoticed factors is domain expertise. Enterprises must always look at the domain for hiring the React Native application developer. For example, eCommerce and hospitality both domains have diverse requirements. Thus, it is an added benefit to hiring developers who have previously worked in your business domain.

4.6 Development Efficiency

Another important aspect is speed and efficiency for React Native app development. Thus, the talents of React Native developers must possess a fast turnaround time, the mastery to meet deadlines, and build apps with minimum resources.

4.7 Project Expertise

You should ensure that the React Native developers you hire have proficiency in working with the same projects. You should ask for their portfolio and check if they have done the same tasks as their previous clients. It will help you know whether they can work on a detailed project or not.

5. Necessary Skills To Look At When Hiring

A React native developer should possess precise skills to be adequate, out of which some of the necessary skills are –

  • The main essence of React Native is JavaScript, so the developer needs to understand it completely. JavaScript is the hub of cross-platform mobile application development.
  • Expertise in React tools such as virtual DOM and JSX is compulsory.
  • A skillful React developer should know various React tools like Flux, Sentry, Enzyme, ESLint, Redux, and Webpack.
  • For effortless app development and maintenance, the developer must have the capability to write clear, well-documented codes.
  • The react native developer should be acquainted with native tools such as Kotlin Java, Swift, XCode, or Gradle for iOS and Android.
  • Superb communication skills to communicate easily with their coworkers and supervisors.
  • By using the APIs, the developer must know third-party service integration.
  • The developers should know how to turn iOS and android applications into React Native apps if they have to port the older apps.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to build products that deliver a high-quality user experience, React Native is the framework for your project. The essential factors to hire react native app developers are above. However, you should select and recruit as per your company’s specific requirements, budget, goals, scale of business, and preferences. You should do thorough research before finalizing.


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