Top 7 Conference Calling Options For Your Small Business


The old-age saying, ‘change is the only constant thing in the world,’ stands true for technology advancement as its progression is continually evolving the cosmos around us. Technology has paved the way in our everyday lives. Our reliance on shopping, communication, and transportation has reached the extent that our lives seem to come to a halt with a slight glitch.

Technology has transformed every sector’s functioning, and industries worldwide rely heavily on technical devices to perform their routine tasks. Moreover, technology has eased the burden from humans’ shoulders as it has lessened the need for the human workforce. On the other hand, it has brought forward modern devices that perform a humongous errorless calculation in no time.

Top 7 Conference Calling Options For Your Small Business

Communication is a crucial aspect for any organization, and effective communication plays an integral role in making the business operations successful. Technology has helped enhance communication, and departments can send their messages back and forth to carry out their functions. The outbreak of COVID-19 has led governments to administer lockdown, and companies had no choice but to shift their working to work-from-home mode. People are using gadgets to reach out to each other. Many have to conduct meetings and talk to several people simultaneously. Conference calls are a better choice, as it is a cost-effective option. Modern technical devices allow to make conference calls and effectively communicate with the staff members.

Due to the excess of options in markets, organizations struggle to find suitable conference call options. When it comes to small business, they have to plan and look into the cost factor while integrating technology in their operations. Various companies do not find Dialpad feasible for their needs; thus, they actively search for an alternative.

Below we are listing a few conferences calling options that are reasonable and powerful:


One of the widely used calling option, which has gained immense momentum amidst COVID-19, is Zoom. It allows users to download them in windows operating systems and has an application for smartphones. People can effectively use it for video conferencing. It enables people to connect from all around the world and conduct meetings. Zoom facilitates users by allowing them to conduct meeting through a browser link without compromising voice and video quality, making it one of the powerful Dialpad alternatives. It has a 40 minutes free video conferencing feature, which is beneficial for small business while conducting short meetings.


Small businesses prefer investing in all-in-one calling options. GoToConnect is a cloud-based calling conference option that offers several features. Its advantage is that it has a user-friendly interface. People who are not tech-savvy can easily understand its attributes. Hosting meetings and joining calls requires only a few clicks. The software can accommodate the needs of large organizations, small businesses, and middle-scale company. GoToConnect is affordable, and it provides users with an inclusive set of communication tools. The conference calling is reliable and offers quick connections. GoToConnect’s system security has encrypted calling between security-enabled endpoints and GoToConnect.


ClickMeeting is a browser-based webinar and an online meeting platform, which comes with various features. The application is multi-purpose, and it facilitates numerous organizations as it helps them manage and run numerous online events. ClickMeeting has specific tools that assist in conducting a webinar and internal conference calls simultaneously. The downside is that its free versions have a limit of 25 participants, which is less than other conference calling platforms. The voice and video quality are high, and the features include chat translation, screen sharing, whiteboards, surveys, and chat.


Aircall is a modern conference call option, so it is a preferable choice for contemporary brands. It comes with features of Call Recording, Call Disposition, Power, and Progressive Dialer. The distinctive feature which sets Aircall apart is that it has a customer representative who instantly replies and solves their queries. When companies provide customers with instant replies, they become lifelong customers. Many companies trust Aircall that it allows them to enhance their sales with features like CRM integration, click-to-dial, and call tagging. The setback is that it does not have a free version but offers a free trial. The lowest fee for Aircall is around 30$ per month.


Another user-friendly cloud-based phone software is CloudTalk. Various reputed companies have integrated CloudTalk and take advantage of its several features to go about their everyday business operations. Inbound and outbound call center, predictive dialer, and escalation management are CloudTalks’s attributes that set the software apart. CloudTalk helps organizations provide customers a seamless experience and its integration with HelpDesk and e-commerce results in organizations’ profitability. The phone conference option easily adapts to customers’ needs and the business’s scale. CloudTalk comes with 70 plus calling features, and all these attributes assist in improving communication, which boosts companies’ sales.


Nextiva is a versatile phone calling software, and it helps businesses in strengthening connections with customers. It has standard features like voice, video, chat, and other additional attributes like surveys, polls all together in one place. The software is easy to implement and takes users to make the process and make them familiar with the installation and features of Nextiva. It proposes three primary business plans, and all include a month free trial. It offers team collaboration and streamlines business communication. Another distinct attribute is that it suggests number porting and unlimited calls to specific faraway lands. The multi-level auto-attendant makes call routing easier and significantly decrease customer wait times. The features provide customers with a seamless experience, and companies find Nextiva a trustworthy calling conference option.


Fuze has a futuristic design for the modern workforce, meeting most of the small businesses’ needs. It is a unified communication software that empowers productivity, and flexible video conferencing improves business operations. Fuze has a feature that transitions between chatting, meeting, calling, and sharing a smooth process. Fuze is a preferable choice for several small businesses as it facilitates the digital workforce from anywhere at any time. Users can easily download its software in Windows operating systems, and iOS and android both support its application. Fuze does not offer a free trial or free version, but it proposes premium consulting services.


Businesses need to take on board several people while conducting a meeting. In these unfortunate times of COVID-19, investing in conference call services is a wise approach. A paid version of conference voice and video calls enables companies to use added features and effectively perform their business operations. Conference calls have helped small businesses continue with regular working while staying homebound.


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