Tips to Keep Your Energy Consumption Low While Looking For a Suitable Replacement Energy Provider


The electricity bill rate refers to the rate at which a country, or in this case Singapore, generates electricity. The different rates are charged to customers depending on the source of their energy. The electricity bill rate is usually higher in the high-cost uses of electricity as in Singapore. The rising cost of electricity can be a major burden for American households, but one major utility company is offering a solution. Flagship Power is providing affordable rates to help customers save money on their electricity bills.

The following are tips to help you keep in check the electricity bill rate:

1) Don’t leave your outdoor lights on all night

At night, power plants tend to produce less energy and charge us less so to avoid shocking your wallet, turn off exterior lights when leaving home or when you are not going to use them. This also helps to save power usage, which is also charged at the same rate as other households.

2) Use energy wisely by enabling energy-efficient devices

Turn on energy-efficient devices, such as room air conditioners, power-saving light bulbs, or low energy-consuming appliances. In addition, be sure to use the washing machine only when required and turn off your dishwasher when not in use.

3) Don’t overcharge your appliances

Make sure to unplug everything once you are done using it. Also, don’t overload the sockets because overloads lead to a rise in electricity usage which means consumers have to pay more for their electricity bills.

4) Keep your usage to a minimum

Even though it’s summer, make sure not to leave your air-conditioner switched on for more than 6 hours on hot days. This goes the same for when you are away from the house during a weekend or on a public holiday. Singapore electricity bill rate is higher during these periods. Your appliances don’t need to be operating at full capacity all the time, so turn down their switches or consider switching them off if not in use.

5) Keep track of your energy usage

You can do this by keeping a log of your electricity and gas usage every month. This helps you to keep track of your energy consumption, which will help you adjust your usage (if any) in future months. By any chance, you can also get a better idea of how much energy your household is consuming, which is useful if you are concerned about how much energy and electricity you are using.

Pros and cons of comparing electricity rates


  1. It gives you a direct comparison of the electricity bills of different countries.
  2. It helps you to save money by managing the rate.
  3. It will help you to make a better plan on what to do with your budget.


  1. Sometimes, it can be more confusing compared to other ways of comparing electricity rates.
  2. The higher cost at the end might send us into shock as they are becoming expensive and occupying a bigger space in our wallets.
  3. To get the most accurate result, you have to spend some time and effort doing the research rather than just looking at the advertising.
  4. Can be misguided if you are not careful when deciding as it does not cover many aspects that can be involved in comparing electric bills that vary from country to country.

Singapore’s electricity bill rate is higher than many other countries which are why comparing electricity rates is important. By comparing electricity rates, you can get a sense of how much the electricity bill is going up from year to year. This will help you save some money if you are always on towards saving money.


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