The Global Popularity of Cybersports Betting


Over the course of the past 10 years, online gaming has become incredibly popular. As part of the modern digital era, gamers can now compete against each other online and do battle to become the very best. This level of competition has given rise to esports, where online gaming is viewed as a sporting contest in its own right.

The individuals who are successful in these cybersports tournaments are amazingly talented. These people can play the games at a level that is almost inconceivable for the ordinary spectator. However, there is still a way for the wider audience to join in on the fun and be a part of the contest.

The rise of cybersports has created an entirely new thing for people to bet on. As cybersports have started to gain traction in the mainstream media, cybersport betting has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. This trend has been helped by gambling companies emphasizing their online activities, where 5 dollar deposit casino nz platforms have proven to be so popular.

We are going to explore some of the reasons why cybersports betting has grown from a niche activity into a global phenomenon.

Companies are investing heavily in this sector

One of the reasons behind the increasing rise in the popularity of cybersport betting is that large companies are spending lots of money to develop and sponsor these events. Some of the household companies that are heavily linked to cybersports include Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Intel, and Honda.

The involvement of these companies has turned cybersports into a money-making machine. In 2020, cybersports generated $1 billion in revenue, and projections indicate that this figure will be closer to $2 billion in 2022. Alongside the money that these companies are generating, their association with tournaments helps to bolster the reputation of the events.

Many of the gamblers are competitors themselves

One of the reasons that cybersports betting has proven to be so popular is that a lot of the gamblers are avid gamers themselves. By playing the games themselves, there are a variety of reasons why these individuals would bet on these events.

First and foremost, they will have an emotional investment in what they are watching. If they play the game themselves, then they will have an appreciation for the skill being displayed by the best players in the world. In traditional sports, part of the allure for spectators is to watch people who can do things that you can’t. This is no different for cybersport gamblers.

Secondly, those who are gamers themselves would have a great appreciation for what to look out for in a good player. By recognising a talented player, the spectator can make a handsome amount of money by placing a clever bet on the player in question.

The events have turned into spectacular affairs

As cybersports have started to become part of popular culture, the tournaments have started to become truly incredible spectacles. There once was a time when cybersports were played in bedrooms around the world. Now, it’s not uncommon for tournaments to be played in front of thousands of adoring spectators in a large stadium. These events often have live music, lots of pyrotechnics, and a raucous crowd.

Image Source: BRINK News

Twitch has created a massive audience for these events

Unless you have been living under a large rock with no internet coverage, you will undoubtedly have heard something about Twitch. Twitch is the service where professional and amateur gamers broadcast themselves playing their game of choice to the world. Very quickly, this service created an enormous interest in cybersports.

Many Twitch users now have millions of followers and are regarded as legitimate celebrities in the eyes of young people. To try and give you some sense of appreciation for how popular cybersports have become, here’s an incredible statistic. The most popular cybersports tournament was League of Legends, which was watched for more than 660 million hours globally across the year!


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