How to Enable/Disable Norton Sonar Protection?

SONAR protection can be described as real-time protection, which is used for detecting various malicious applications that are running on the device. It offers zero-day protection so it can easily track the malware ahead traditional virus detection tools address it. Norton Sonar employs reputation data and its heuristics for detecting the new threats. It provided an extra layer of protection to the users’ device and washed the entire virus, Trojan Horses, spyware, adware, and other existing malware from the device. It offers malware protection, and memory exploits mitigation, firewall protection, intrusion prevention, etc. to the user.

Norton Sonar Protection Not Working?

It sometimes uses some codes which run of the Windows user-mode for monitoring all the suspicious activities on your device. But sometimes, this code can create issues while running other applications on the device. It may also affect device performance. Sometimes it looks like Norton Antivirus Sonar Protection not working because Norton Sonar Protection detects the process behavior, which means it can only detect the suspicious or malicious activities, which means if the keyloggers or Trojan Horses do not act suspiciously then, Sonar will not be able to detect it.

Follow the steps mentioned below for enabling Sonar Advanced protection Norton 360:

  1. Open your device
  2. Click on Norton icon
  3. Norton dashboard will appear on the screen
  4. Click on My Norton
  5. Go to Device Security
  6. Hit the Open button
  7. Now go to Norton Main Window
  8. Open the Settings tab
  9. Hit the Antivirus button
  10. Got Automatic Protection
  11. Click on Sonar Protection
  12. Toggle the switch to ON
  13. Hit the Apply button
  14. Go to Settings window
  15. Hit the close button

How do I turn off my Norton SONAR?

You can quickly turn off the Norton Sonar by toggling the switch OFF on the Sonar Protection tab. But disabling the Norton Sonar is not recommendable because it will make your device vulnerable. People often disable the Sonar Protection. It detects a file or URL as suspicious mistakenly. For accessing the URL, people usually disable the Sonar Protection. Don’t forget to enable the Sonar Protection after obtaining the file.

Some people reported that they are facing issues while using Norton Sonar. Here are the solutions for troubleshooting Norton Security Sonar protection not fixed error:

  1. Try running LiveUpdate
  2. Go to Norton
  3. Double-click on Security tab
  4. Hit the LiveUpdate button
  5. After completing the LiveUpdate; click on OK button
  6. Restart your device
  7. Now try to run Norton Sonar

If Norton Sonar Protection not fixed then try reinstalling Norton

  1. Download the Norton Remove and reinstall tool
  2. Wait for completing the downloading process
  3. Go to downloads
  4. Search for Norton Remove and reinstall tool
  5. Double-click on the NRnR icon
  6. Read the license agreement carefully and click the agree button
  7. Tap Remove & Reinstall
  8. Hit the continue button
  9. Now restart the device
  10. Follow the given onscreen commands for reinstalling Norton.

Norton Sonar secures your device from all kinds of malware lurking around your device. Install Sonar Protection and provide a safe environment for your system.

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