Roles of a Divorce Lawyer in Singapore


A divorce attorney represents customers who have decided to end their marriage. These attorneys spend much of their time discussing with clients, resolving emergency conditions, drafting legal documents, going to Family court, and communicating or consulting other law professionals. They are typically found drafting documents for their customers’ cases, including serving correspondence documents or opposing counsel, handling motions associated with child custody, spousal and child support, and occupancy matters of the marital household.

Roles of a Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

Divorce lawyer versus a family lawyer

Most individuals do not understand the difference between a divorce lawyer Singapore and a family lawyer, mainly because divorce creates the main bulk of the workload of a family attorney. However, divorce is only a section of the scope of the job of a family lawyer.

As the divorce attorney specializes in matters of divorce, a family attorney deals with the youth court, probate, maintenance, family violence, and adoption issues. However, a divorce attorney can also be called a family attorney and should handle the varied family law’s scope. The major role of a family attorney is to address particular aspects of a family lawyer.

So how can a family lawyer help me?

Here are the main aspects where a family attorney or a divorce lawyer can help you
Divorce- if you are planning to divorce your spouse, you ought to hire a family lawyer. Firstly, the attorney will advise you if your situation needs a divorce. And if the reasons for a divorce are sufficient, the lawyer will check whether a contested or uncontested divorce is the best one for you and your kids.

For example, the attorney will advise you on the number of marital assets you might receive in an uncontested divorce as opposed to the contested form of divorce and compare it against related law fees, mental and physical load burden placed on you and your kids.

Additionally, the attorney will discuss the major ancillary matters in a divorce, which include:

  • Maintenance
  • Custody and care of your kids
  • Division of your matrimonial resources

Distribution of resources

A lawyer will help you understand the difference between an LPA and a will to you and what it can be done if you pass away without leaving a will. The attorney will also explain the different categories of will and advise on the best one for your situation.

More importantly, a family attorney can assist you in drafting a will so that the matrimonial assets will be shared according to your desires once you pass away.

Emotional capacity

If you want to make sure that your interest is well taken care of after a divorce, you should consult a divorce lawyer. The lawyer will not only be ready to answer all your concerns, but also they will help you understand the LPA. With an LPA, you can select one individual (donee) who can make decisions for you in case you lose your mental capacity.

A divorce attorney will guide you through the entire procedure of nominating a donee, including drafting and designing the required documents.

In particular, Tempusu law firm has several experienced divorce lawyers that you can consult. After selecting an attorney who seems properly fit for the task, you can contact them through the phone, email, or book an appointment through our portal.


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