Popular Live Blackjack Trends to Watch Out For


By now, it’s clear that the digital invasion of the gambling industry is untamable. With a continuous rise of online casinos, exciting card games like live blackjack are set to offer players an even more thrilling experience. But while there’s a wide array of trends to expect, how about we dissect the trends that are already here?

Popular Live Blackjack Trends to Watch Out For

The Possibility of Augmented and Virtual Realities

Augmented and virtual reality are the new tech buzzwords. The possibilities extended by these thrilling tech innovations are already making their way into the online gambling arena. How so? As the pandemic rages on and more gamblers seek to quench their gambling thirst online, AR and VR will allow gamblers to indulge from the comfort of their homes without excluding the aura of a brick-and-mortar casino. For instance, there are talks of introducing VR and AR sets for the live blackjack. These sets should enable gamers to transform mundane places like breakfast tables into a more complex, real-looking gaming arena. In fact, should companies like Google intervene and remove the screen buffer that interferes with live blackjack, land-based blackjack will become a thing of the past? How cool is that?

Is Crypto Creeping into The Live Blackjack Dealership Space?

Crypto. Some claim it’s the future, while some are hell-bent on branding it a fad, and a bubble that will eventually pop. But before it does, online casinos are riding on this new wave. With the emergence of live blackjack Bitcoin casinos, this fast, safe, and easy payment method is catching fire fast. Reasons? Well, for one, the advent of crypto wallets and exchanges has streamlined the process of acquiring crypto coins like Bitcoin. Secondly, with crypto transactions eliminating the need for third parties, there’s no bank that will reject your online casino deposit or withdrawal because, they don’t think you’re adult enough to know what you’re doing. Lastly, with every forward leap of Bitcoin prices, Bitcoin casinos are bound to offer gamblers very fleshy bonuses and rewards. And despite the crypto blackjack trends having their fair share of drawbacks such as the steep learning curve, the pros outweigh the cons.

The Card Counting Complexities

For a long time, card counting was a famous loophole exploited by pundit blackjack dealers to fleece casinos; but things have changed. With casinos upping their game, card counting is becoming more challenging. For instance, Casinos have mastered the art of spotting bet spreads. No matter how good you are at spreading your wagers, starting with a $10 minimum then betting up to $1000 during an easy count will get you spotted fast. The effect of this is that gamblers are transitioning from card counting to other methods that aren’t easy to detect. Think hole carding and ace sequencing.

Availability of Online Blackjack Bonuses

As more and more dealers embrace the simulation of land-based blackjack into their phones, tablets, and laptops, the resulting perk is bonuses. This wasn’t a thing a year back. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see online casinos offering 100% match bonuses of up to $200. However, it’s important to note that you’re only allowed to withdraw the bonuses after meeting the casino’s terms and regulations. Additionally, given that live blackjack has a significantly lower house edge, the betting action required to attract a bonus is pretty high.


As it stands, virtual and Augmented realities are one trend that live blackjack dealers are excited about. More gamblers are also expected to join the crypto bandwagon and integrate crypto into their gaming experience. Finally, we’re ditching old techniques like card counting and embracing new ones to stay ahead of the house.


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