Microfiber Towel vs Normal Towel for Car: The Differences


Microfiber towels are ideal for your car care, whether you need to shine the interiors, clean the exterior, or wipe off your glasses. Because they function flawlessly in both dry and wet circumstances, you can be reassured about their degree of effectiveness. These garments can last a lifetime with proper washing and maintenance.

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is incredibly thin and manufactured from a mixture of polyester and polyamide. Various microfibers are produced as a result of adding these fibers in various ratios. The ratio of polyester to polyamide in a microfiber towel is typically 90/10 or 75/25. The product description includes the blend ratio.

The microfiber fabric’s density and absorption rate are directly inversely proportional. The fabric’s cleaning capacity improves with increasing GSM and fabric thickness. These are the GSM-based types of microfibre towels. Do not forget that the price of the fabric increases with the GSM.

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Microfiber towel Vs Normal towel for car:

The microfiber towel is considerably more ambitious than the typical towel used in most towels and mops because of the materials it is made of and the manner it is made.

Microfiber towel has a significantly larger surface area than other types. Microfiber has better cleaning capabilities since it can reach crevices and places where regular towels can’t because it is densely woven with very few threads.

The majority of towels and mops eventually do little more than distribute debris like dirt and dust. The area is significantly cleaner because the static electricity created by the microfiber towel allows it to actually pick up the dirt and dust.

The absorbency of microfiber fabric is substantially higher than that of the traditional towel. Interesting fact: A microfiber towel can contain six times as much liquid as it does. Would you rather clean up a spill with a microfiber towel or with unreliable supplies?

Microfiber towels are significantly stronger and more durable than other varieties of towels because of the plastic in them. It has a substantially longer lifespan and can resist the difficult process of cleaning because of its strength.

Additionally, microfiber towel dries and cleans more quickly than other materials. A microfiber mop may actually be cleaned and dried nearly three times more quickly than materials used in regular mops.

How microfiber towels are a better choice?

The towels made of microfiber are exceptionally soft and gentle. Each microfibre thread has a star-like pattern that is visible. Microfiber towels perform better than ordinary towels because of their capacity to draw in dust and grime and absorb fluids. Lint strands are left behind when you clean your car with a cotton towel. It’s annoying when they remain on the glass. However, this is not the case because of the great absorbency of microfibers.

Microfiber towels are the holy grail of detailing, as every expert auto detailer is aware. Professionals have long since replaced sponges, rough towels, and paper towels with far better options. There is a microfiber towel to fit your demands whether you’re washing a car’s body, cleaning the windows, or caring for the leather interior.

The surface area of microfiber towels is around four times that of cotton towels of the same size. The towel can pick up and remove more dirt because of its increased surface area. Additionally, research has shown that microfiber mops can eliminate up to 98% of microorganisms from a surface. Only 30% of bacteria were eliminated by traditional mops. There’s a reason why experts in auto detailing refer to microfiber towels as “dirt magnets”!

The diameter of the fibers in microfiber towels is around one hundredth that of human hair. They are incredibly soft and non-abrasive because of the polyester and polyamide blend and the small fiber size.

Professional automobile detailers can choose towels with various combinations of the two fabrics depending on the area of the car being cleaned. The blend’s polyamide content determines how soft the towel will be and if it’s suitable for delicate surfaces like vehicle paint. In addition to not being abrasive in and of themselves, the towels help remove dirt from the surface. As the towel is applied to the vehicle, there is no longer a danger of debris scratching the surface.

Microfiber towels are very absorbent because so many of their tiny threads suck up and remove moisture from a vehicle’s surface. Microfiber has an eight-fold capacity to absorb water. Since they don’t leave any watermarks, microfibre towels are a great tool for drying a car. They have a large capacity for absorption and dry very quickly. Their quick-drying lessens the chance that bacteria may grow on the material and make it unsanitary.


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