How You Can Plan An Awesome Orlando Vacation The Easy Way


Planning an awesome holiday can sound time-consuming, and it can feel exhaustive (often before you even get started). However, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can find a lot of fun in the whole process. When you enjoy the planning process just as much as the vacation process, you can be sure that you are in for an all-around awesome vacation. When you plan the easy way and take the processes step by step, you will get clarity on your plans.

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Plan How You Will Get There

Anticipating lots of fun and memories on a plane journey.

Now, to get started, you need to think about how you will get to Orlando. Are you going to travel by air, or if you are already in the states and close by, are you going to drive. Cut out as much stress as you can as early on as possible, and establish how you will get to Orlando. If you have your own vehicle and you wish to drive, then you need to think about where you will park your car and where it will stay overnight – especially if you are moving around resorts and hotels. On the other hand, if you are flying into Orlando, you need to think about who will pick you up from the airport, and from then on, who will drive you around? If you do not plan how you will get to Orlando, you may find that the journey is more boring and lengthy than it needs to be.

Avoid Package Vacations

You want to have as much fun as possible in Orlando, and you may feel that reaching for package vacations is the right option for you and for those in your party. However, package vacations do not always represent great value for money. On occasion, you may find that they offer tickets to parks or events that you are not interested in. Or, often, they will inflate the tickets and prices of everything you need to purchase in relation to your vacation. You can sometimes get great details out of package vacations. However, on the whole, it is always worth breaking down both packages and prices on offer.

Get Your Flights Booked Early

If you are flying into Orlando, you should try and get your flights booked as soon as possible. Prices can rise, and they can certainly fluctuate, and to ensure you get the prices, you need to lock in when you see a good offer. To ensure you snag a good offer, you need to watch air ticket prices, and you also need to follow airlines on their social media profiles. When you book your flights early, you can see that you can save money. You may also see that you get better flight times, too – just as a result of waiting.

Choose The Right Resort

Where you choose to stay may be critical to your vacation. For example, if you choose to stay in a resort that is packed full of activities, you may find that your family never wants to leave the resort. Similarly, if there is not enough going on in a resort, you can find that you get bored easily, and this may well taint the whole journey and vacation process. When it comes to choosing the right resort, you need to look at providers such as Westgate Resorts on their website at, as they offer family-friendly (or child) friendly resorts that feature amenities and facilities that those with families and kids will love. If you just pick any resort (without first researching), you may end up stuck in a resort that does not add any value to your vacation.

Plan to Move Around

You are visiting Orlando. However, this does not mean that you have to stay in the same place for the duration of your visit. In fact, moving around will allow you to get a true feel as to what Orlando is about and what it has to offer. When you move around, you move around, you get to experience different resorts or hotels, and you get to take in other things apart from the Disney or Universal parks, such as the Everglades or the beach. You do not have to follow a strict regime on holiday, and you could move as you feel necessary. For example, you could have a few days at the parks and resorts, then head off and do something different. This change will allow you to see what Orlando has to offer on a physical and cultural level.

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Book Theme Parks and Excursions in Advance

Epcot remains a popular destination with visitors of all ages

To ensure you get into the parks that you want to, you need to start going ahead with bookings and reservations. You can reserve into 2024, so you have no excuses. When you are making your reservations, it is important to think about where you will go first. If you are doing parks on a back-to-back basis, you need to think about what parks you will have energy for. Waiting for rides, physically going on them, and having fun can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. If you fail to make your reservations and bookings, you may miss out on the parks that you want, and this will leave you, and everyone else in your group disappointed. Parks can get full very quickly, so don’t delay.

Plan Your Theme Park Days

Once you have booked and reserved your days at the theme parks, you then need to plan them out a little more. Trying to do too much in one day can leave you feeling drained, and it can take the enjoyment away from each theme park. Try and alternate your visits, and try and do one large park one day, such as Magic Kingdom, and then go for something more relaxed the next such as a visit to Epcot. Remember that some parks are opening in the evening too, such as Magic Kingdom, so don’t feel that you have to cram everything into a few daylight hours.

Ask Those With Experience

Even if you have been to Disney before or to Orlando before, you can never have too much insider knowledge or experience. Speaking to those who have visited recently or speaking to those who are frequent visitors is important. Those Family bloggers or Orlando /Disney specialists can help make your vacation awesome from start to finish. They can also add their own recommendations and opinions as to what you should do, when, and why. Taking advice and guidance from others means that you do not have to do everything by yourself. If you try and book, or arrange everything on your own without extra support, you may be left feeling overwhelmed, and you don’t want this in the run-up to your Orlando vacation.

Visit at the Right Time of Year

Disney and Orlando are open all year-round, but you want to make sure you visit at a time that is best for you and your budget. In the winter months, you can find that resorts and other amenities and facilities can be cheaper. However, you will find that Part entrance fees and admissions remain both steam and constant all year long. If you are traveling with younger children or small children, you will probably not want to go in the midst of summer, simply because in Orlando temperatures are around 90°F, and sometimes getting higher. If it is too hot when you visit, it can make getting around the parks hard, and it can affect how much you want to see and do in Orlando.

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Think About Your Transport

You can compare holiday vehicle rentals in one place.

Whether you are visiting Orlando for a week, or for two weeks plus, you will need to think about your transport. How are you going to get around? Are you going to hire a car (if you are not driving your own)? Will you take advantage of the regular shuttles and buses, or will you get around using Uber or Lyft? Transport costs can mount, especially if you are staying outside of the parks and traveling to them frequently, so remember to give yourself a healthy transportation budget. When it comes to hiring a car, or another type of vehicle, you will want to compare prices. Using a comparison site will help you see what you are getting for your auto rental and what coverage and costs you are likely to pay.

Taking Action

Planning a visit to Orlando and to the theme parks is fun, and you will find the planning element gives you a great deal of control over your vacation. However, you must remember to take action. Commit to booking and reserving trips, and do not leave things until the last minute, or else you may be disappointed that your plans have to change.


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