How to Create an Awesome Explainer Video?


The use of explainer videos is remarkably high for marketing goals. Animated video productions are playing a significant role to develop such videos for businesses. These videos are best to help people in understanding a business, its services and products etc. Here are few tips to create a quality explainer videos for beginners. Even if you are a pro in making such videos you can keep the following points in mind to make them best.

What is an explainer videos production?

As the name speaks for itself these videos are comprises of a message that is explained to the viewers in different ways. Some videos use characters others text and some of them have mixture of the two. These videos gives a message or tell users about a product or way of using it. It is simply an educating video which is short and full of information in artistic way which is easy to understand for layman.

Significance and purpose behind animated Video production

The main purpose for creating such videos through explainer video production is to promote a business. You can simply create a video of this sort which can tell people about your products, services, the way of using your products and much more. You can also help people understanding why you are the best for a particular service in the market through these videos.

Length or duration for which explainer videos are created

This is believed and experienced that shorter the length of the video higher is its engaging power. So one should stick to this idea and do not go beyond 100 to 120 seconds at the maximum to create these videos. This is the peak length and you can reduce it to minimum half a minute of duration.

Tips for creating best explainer videos

So if you are also interested to get such video for your business to promote it either contact professional’s video production animation services or do it yourself. Here are the best tips to nail down expertise in creating an explainer video for your business.

1. Figure out the cause for creating video

There are different purposes or cause behind creating such video. For example some people want to inform people about a new change in their service, product through this video while others making it for marketing purpose. So have a clear goal in your mind behind the cause of making such video.

2. Have a pitch for video

You cannot create a proper video if you do not have a pitch. A pitch is going to guide you to make video in proper sequence. The video should not look like messy and unorganized. This is must follow tip for creating an explainer video.

3. Choose interesting characters to convey your message

You must be creative while choose characters for the video. People should co-relate or empathize with the characters of the video. This is a great way to grab the attention of the viewers.

4. Your voice should not linger in video

Speak with confidence and your voice should sound good in the video. It must not linger as people will stop watching the video and can lose the interest with lingering voice. This is something you need to work on for making such videos. Your voice is something that is going to hold the attention of masses and it should be professional.

5. Don’t give boredoms to viewers

Your video must contains some fun evoking elements along with information. It should not look like a piece of static information throw towards viewers. So make it a bit funny by using your humor in the video.

6. Good animation is the key to make quality explainer video

You must have the knowledge of animation skills to make a video perfect in every way. Animation is the key of a successful video and if you lack these skills it becomes tough to create a good video. Before you begin with such video creation make sure to learn basics of animation.

7. Keep it simple and precise

Making very complex videos and using tough elements to understand for masses does not create a good video. You are not supposed to show your knowledge in the video. It is just to guide or educate the audience towards a subject. Always remember this point while creating such videos.

8. Do not include first person nouns in video

Your audience should have the feeling that the video is meant for them. You must avoid using words like I, me and myself in the video. Rather than focus on words like you and your to bring their indirect involvement in the video.

9. Your vocabulary should be legible to commoners

People sometimes use very superior quality of vocabulary in the explainer videos which is not required at all. If you will use complex words in your video people will leave it in the mid by losing interest in it. So always keep the vocabulary of your video simple.

10. Let your audience to get involve at the end of video

Involve your audience in the video at the end. For example if you are promoting a product by telling its benefits then give a link to people at the end where they can buy the same. Similarly if you are telling them the benefits of a latest app you have launched ask them to install it in their devices. This is the actual purpose of a video and it shows its success in real sense.


So this is the way you can make a good explainer video for your business, services and brand. These sort of videos are trending everywhere on the internet nowadays. People from big brands to new business ventures are using such videos to help people understanding brands and their products. It is very easy for people to watch such videos as they are short and precise as well. That is why such videos are getting more and more popular amongst people.


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