How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate


You want to build a team that makes your business the best. You want your business to be able to continue growing into the future and make your real estate company thrive.

Your team should always have all the latest in-depth knowledge of your industry and be able to offer unique insights that help your business. They should also be dedicated and ready for anything, as there is never a dull moment. As a realtor, team building is critical.

How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate

The right team will not only be able to work together, but they also want to work together. This article discusses various ways of building an awesome team in real estate.

1. A strong pipeline of leads

Generating leads is crucial for any real estate agent. It is not a matter of getting more leads but rather quality over quantity. Your team must be able to generate quality leads, and you should expect your team to increase your lead generation and sales this year.

You must put a strong emphasis on generating leads that are for the long term. Suppose you can’t find yourself constantly contacting your list to make sure it is updated, and you’re always looking for new ways to generate more business. In that case, it may be time to give up on this already saturated industry.

Most agents will not accept a smaller commission to join a team if they have to generate their leads. Therefore, you must put forth a strong effort to make sure each of your agents has a strong pipeline of leads. There are many ways of generating leads.

For instance, Google/Facebook Ads generate leads by paying for them to appear on your business page. Another way is through CRM, where you capture leads by asking for their contact information. You can then send them alerts and offer them a free report or check out your on-site blog.

There are various other ways of generating leads, but the bottom line is that your team should be working hard and consistently to help bring in more business.

2. Great support staff

If you want a strong team that can survive through whatever comes in your industry, you want a support staff who can support your agents. Here are some of the support staff that makes up a great real estate team:

A. Admin

A real estate admin is responsible for coordinating daily operations within real estate offices. Their work is to interact with different tenants while coordinating with property managers while ensuring that the team gets the resources they need. As an admin, it is important to coordinate with real estate agents and executives so that clients are happy and satisfied with their service.

B. Transaction Coordinator

The transaction coordinator is responsible for handling all the administrative work of any pending transactions that may come in. This includes coordinating with tenants, brokers, and lenders to ensure complete transactions and smooth sales.

C. Business Development/Marketing Manager

The marketing manager plays a crucial role in coordinating events and operations that lead to more business for the realty office. They are responsible for developing strong corporate relationships that increase brand awareness and providing operational support and marketing services.

D. Inside Sales Agent

The inside sales agent is responsible for maintaining the relationship with leads that are already approved and generating new ones. They are responsible for creating a website that highlights the excellent services of your real estate office while providing proof of what they have to offer.

They will also be responsible for creating a strong database of email addresses and phone numbers that allow agents to contact customers quickly. They will be able to generate an instant lead list. You’ll also want to make sure they can be reached back in an emergency and are available 24/7.

E. Showing Assistant

The showing assistant is responsible for assisting real estate agents and brokers in showings and open houses. The showing assistant must be available to assist agents during showings as needed. They are responsible for ensuring the agent doesn’t have to worry about anything once they have arrived.

They should be able to make sure the property is secure, that all the lights and heaters are on, and that the agents will be ready to go.

3. Strong team culture

One of the essential aspects of a strong team is working well with others. Every member must know their role and fulfill it to the best of their ability. Your team should be able to communicate effectively and avoid any communication gaps that may occur.

You don’t want any miscommunication that can cause delays or upset customers. Strong teams are also motivated by working together with a common purpose. They have a strong bond, and they do not need encouragement from the manager.

Your team will know what needs to be done, and they will do it independently. You should never have to motivate them, as they will trust one another.

4. Training

Strong teams teach and learn from each other every day. Therefore, you must train your agents to learn all the latest strategies that can help generate more leads or make better deals for your clients. Utilize social media to reach out to anyone who may need a bit of extra training and support.

5. Fun client events

One of the most important things is to make sure your team has fun doing their job. Make sure your team is having fun representing you and each other. Additionally, it will help them feel a sense of value, increasing productivity and keeping them from straying toward another company that may pay more.

Creating exciting client events will also make your team feel more valued, which will lead to a happier workforce and a more successful company.

6. Strong leaders

A real estate team must have leaders willing to make difficult decisions. A strong leader will be able to motivate the team and knows how to reward them for their hard work. At the same time, a great leader will be able to discipline the agents if necessary.

This will show the rest of the team that the manager is responsible and cares about their future.


There are so many things that can happen in the real estate business. However, the most important thing to remember is that you must work hard at what you love to stay in the game.

If you don’t put forth a strong effort, you will surely fail. Put all of your effort into what makes your clients happy and enjoy every moment. Creating an awesome team is just the beginning.

You must also hire top professional agents, work hard, and get results for your clients. If you have difficulties finding the right agent, it may be good to use an independent source for leads. This will help you stay in the game and find a great agent that can bring in more business.


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