How Builders Can Achieve Perfect Kitchen Extensions


A kitchen is the heart of every home, and many homeowners wish to extend theirs to create more space. It might be space for dining, a kitchen pantry, or a wet kitchen. Since the kitchen is part of the main house, you should let a professional builder handle the project.

How Builders Can Achieve Perfect Kitchen Extensions

So, how can a builder achieve successful a kitchen extension for your house? It is the role of your Townsville home builders to plan and work with a qualified architect and other service providers from the beginning to the end of the kitchen renovation.

Whether you are the builder or the client, this guide is for you.

Planning Stage

Planning for a kitchen extension is very crucial. Both the builder and homeowner should plan extensively. But this cannot proceed without hiring a professional architect to plan and design the extension.

If you have been hired by a client to extend their kitchen, the first step is to bring in a professional architect. If you have been working closely with one, this project will be very easy for you.

The planning stage should factor in the ideas and preferences of the client. The builder and architect should only fine-tune these ideas professionally while maintaining what the client wants to achieve.

Design Stage

This is where the architect comes into full swing. As a professional, they should design the kitchen extension before a builder can implement it. Professional architects should advise on any proposed changes before making drawings and plans, hence, constant meetings with the builder and the client must be held.

When the architect is drawing and designing a kitchen extension, they need to factor in the safety and the functionality of the entire house. If it is not considered well, there might be problems with permission applications and approvals in the next step.

Permission and Approval Application Stage

The constrictor should make sure that the kitchen extension approvals are available before commencing the job. Starting without them could lead to problems such as an order to stop the construction and revocation of the construction license. However, the penalties vary from one region to another.

Most professional architects help with kitchen extension permission and approval applications. They know what is needed, which makes it easier to succeed in this stage. Even if you are not using an architect to draw up plans, you can hire a professional to help you with the approvals.

Implementation Stage

Kitchen extension constructors show their professionalism at this stage. This is where the actual building is done and might take days, weeks, or months, depending on the magnitude of work.

As a constructor, you must do the job right to protect your reputation and give clients a reason to recommend you. So, ensure that you have the right human resources, tools, and other resources for the work.


Kitchen extension constructors should follow these easy processes to succeed with the project. With the above insights, it is easy to plan and execute the project as the client wants. If you have a problem, you can consult other professionals like Hardie Boys.


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