Healthcare Career Opportunities in 2021


The healthcare sector has been hit very hard by the pandemic and if you are the type of person who likes helping others, there are many career opportunities within this sector. Unlike some industries, we will always need healthcare and if you are in your last year of school and would like a career in healthcare, here are a few of the avenues that you could take.

Healthcare Career Opportunities in 2021

• Social Services – A broad term that covers family issues, delinquency, dealing with parole offenders and even counselling. You might like to work with indigenous communities and with this career, you would be able to travel to remote regions of Australia. It is possible to study a bachelor degree in social services in an online capacity, using video calls to communicate with your professors, while you would have to spend one year on a work placement.

• Nursing – The nurses are the backbone of every society, especially during these troubled times and you could graduate with a bachelor of midwifery from a leading Australian college. This is a 5-year course with several internships around the country and if you study online, you will be assigned a student mentor, someone who keeps daily contact with you to offer all the support you need. Online lectures and sending assignments by email are other aspects of the course, plus you have access to the college’s vast resource section.

• Physio – Why not learn to be a physio? There are online courses and this career is ideal for active people who are interested in helping those with physical impairments and injuries. Once you graduate, you can look for a job as a trainee physio, when you can put the theory into practice. Who knows? One day you might own your own clinic, providing essential physio services for the local community and you could move into sports and work with professional athletes. Here are a few tips to improve the quality of your sleep.

• Psychologist – This is a challenging and very rewarding profession and with a 5-year degree program, you could be working for the state providing reports on offenders and making sentence recommendations. Many professionals go on and complete their master’s degree and PhD and become specialist consultants and if you are interested in the human psyche, this would make for a great career. A Google search will help you find psychology courses and with distance learning, you won’t have to leave home, aside from internship placements, of course. Click here for more information on psychology as a career.

• Pharmaceutical – There are many career options in this sector from research scientists to chemists, which would be an ideal career for a person that likes chemistry. You would need to have good grades in math and the sciences in order to become a pharmacist, yet this career offers great potential for promotion.

The healthcare sector offers many career opportunities and with Google as your best friend, you can find out about various professions that interest you and chart a course for a long and rewarding career helping others.


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