Factors to Check Before Buying Hemp for Cats


Administering CBD can help calm your furry feline friend and enhance their health. Hemp for cats is safer as it contains a minuscule and acceptable THC percentage. All-natural CBD is well-tolerated by your pet’s system as these rule out exposure to toxic elements.
You must consult your family vet before introducing your kitty to CBD treatment. The risk of adverse side effects is minimal, and depends on your feline’s unique biological composition. When you choose high-quality CBD products, it guarantees maximum benefits for your cat.

Factors to Check Before Buying Hemp for Cats

Buying Considerations

When sourcing hemp for cats, make sure to consider only quality products. You can look at the below factors to make sure the product is of high quality.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Read the product label to assess the type of CBD: full-spectrum or isolates. CBD extracted from organically grown hemp exposes your cat to powerful cannabinoids that work well together. Since full-spectrum CBD ensures the preservation of maximum cannabinoids, you can lean towards this variety, but remember, even small doses are very effective.

CBD isolates are the purest form of CBD, devoid of THC content. When the product contains 0.3% THC or less, it helps boost the other cannabinoids present. Since the level of THC is so low, you don’t have to worry about your pet getting “high” after consuming it.

Reputed American Manufacturer

Sourcing CBD oil for your kitty from a reputed US manufacturer gives you access to superior quality hemp-derived products. The most reassuring factor is that the hemp plants are legally grown in the country without using harmful herbicides or pesticides; hence, they are all-natural.

A brand that depends on hemp grown overseas has no control over the conditions under which such growth occurs. Companies genuinely interested in the welfare of your four-legged companion will never resort to shady tactics to maximize their sales.

Extraction Method

CBD extracted using CO2 or cold compress extraction methods is safer to administer to your feline as no chemical solvents are involved. Extraction methods involving the use of alcohol or butane do not yield the purest cannabinoids.

The most effective and potent part of the hemp plant is the flower. If the CBD is derived from the hemp seed or stalks, the effect is not the same. Confirm all aspects of the extraction process before making your purchase.

Active CBD Quantity

Closely examine the label of the CBD product, which must transparently divulge all relevant information. The quantity of CBD should reflect in milligrams on the corresponding label, but it does not always indicate the active cannabidiol content.

Ensure you clarify the quantity of active CBD and then proceed as the effectiveness of the product hangs on this aspect. Those who resort to deceitful tactics may not transparently divulge such critical information.

Third-Party Testing

You can trust a product accompanied by a certificate of analysis issued by a recognized third-party lab. Bodies authorized to conduct such testing assess the quality and safety of the commodity before issuing the relevant certification.

Since third-party certifications are unbiased and genuine, you can trust brands that obtain them.

Since these testing and certification processes are expensive, you simply cannot get high-quality CBD for low prices. If the price is too low, then it’s a dead giveaway that the product is of inferior quality.


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