Benefits of Angular.js You Should Know Before Building a Digital Product


Many programmers start looking for the most convenient, understandable, and multifunctional framework when creating a web product. Many today prefer Angular. According to some reports, 34% of all programmers use it to create mobile and desktop web applications. Let’s find out why it’s so popular around the world.

A few words about Angular

It was created by Google back in 2009. Then in 2016, it was relaunched entirely to meet the demands of today’s internet. Now Angular is constantly improving to allow its customers to make even more exciting and functional websites and mobile applications.

So what is Angular? It is a powerful platform for JavaScript development. An extensive library and many tools allow you to create extremely beautiful and unusual interfaces with great functionality.

Thus, if you want to create a new mobile application or a rich site, you can use Angular. It has a massive list of ready-made solutions and tools, thanks to which you can create an excellent and helpful product.

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Today, many corporations have appreciated the benefits of using Angular. Among them, the most successful are:

  • YouTube;
  • UpWork:
  • Telegram;
  • General Electric and more.

Agreeing to meet the requirements of such giants is quite tricky. Even though most of the services here are free, you can create a high-quality product that will not be inferior to your closest competitors.

Main advantages

According to experts State of the industry report, it is safe to say that the popularity of Angular will skyrocket in the coming years. It is because the framework has several advantages.

Excellent functionality

It has a vast library of ready-made modules that you can use in your work. In addition, there are many tools here that help you successfully combine ready-made modules and create new ones, depending on your goals.

It is especially useful when developing product safety. There are many different patterns here that you can use to prevent hacker attacks.

In addition, the use of ready-made solutions allows you to simplify and speed up the testing process as much as possible because mistakes can only be made when combining modules.


Angular is built on TypeScript. It is a superset of JavaScript, which means we can do more with our code, such as user interfaces and enums, and has better autocomplete navigation and refactoring services.

Here, you work with a constructor that automatically makes various edits to the program code. It is incredibly convenient because it saves a lot of time and avoids syntax errors. However, if you want to do something new and different, you can switch to code layout mode and make changes directly in the code.

Thus, the program creates simple, obligatory lines on its own, and the specialist can focus on more important and exciting work.


Angular is a completely responsive web design framework, unlike its closest competitor, React. There is only one suggested way to create a component, service, or module here. This allows the specialist to quickly understand how the system works and where this or that piece of code came from.


When creating any software, performance plays a huge role. Thanks to this platform, you can devote more time to critical things, while the program will do some of the routine work for you.

In addition, the program does everything to make the code as easy to read as possible. It allows you to navigate it quickly and make various edits.

Angular also allows you not to worry about possible errors and makes testing easier. With integration in IDEs such as VS Code and WebStorm, TypeScript recompiles incrementally and highlights errors.

Modular development system

As already mentioned, Angular offers a modular type of development. A vast library of ready-made modules has been created here, constantly improving. Combining them in different combinations allows you to create new and new projects even without significant knowledge. If you have enough skills to modify them, you can create a high-quality project that will not be equal on the market.

When you choose your tech partner, it is imperative to identify the level of knowledge and skills on the example of previous projects. So, you can evaluate how the team combines ready-made modules or whether it can generate new and unexpected ideas.

Thus, Angular is a great helper if you want to create something high-quality, creative, and competitive. With it, even the most impossible task seems much more straightforward and more transparent.


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