7 Good Reasons to Script Your Videos


With everything on pause, more and more people are spending time watching videos. On YouTube alone, consumers watch one billion hour’s worth of video content daily.

This trend is yet to fade as more and more people get into video production. New contents are up every minute, and the demand shows no sign of declining.

7 Good Reasons to Script Your Videos

Thinking of joining the video production wave? If so, this article is for you! Read on to learn about the many benefits of writing a video script for your video.

1. Allows You to Organize Ideas

Martin Cooper said that he got the idea to invent a mobile phone while watching an episode of Star Trek. He saw the episode where Kirk called help for an injured Spock using his communicator.

Meanwhile, James Cameron said that the storyline of Terminator was from a dream he had when he was sick. Much like these two, we get ideas from practically anything so coming up with an idea isn’t much of a problem. What’s hard is turning that idea into a reality.

In the case of video production, an idea will remain vague unless you put it into writing. Writing a video script turns your ideas into tangible concepts. These concepts, such as storyline and dialogue, will allow you to pan out what you want to say through the video.

2. Helps You Plan Ahead

As mentioned, video script writing gives you a visual guide to what your project will look like. Such visualization enables you to determine the resources you need. This will further give you an outlook of how much the product will cost.

Hence, you’ll have a helping guide in developing a budget plan for your video. The more accurate your video script is, the better the cost forecast. This is important when running on a low production fund.

Planning also allows you to improve certain segments that are lacking. Moreover, researching the characteristics of your audience is part of video scriptwriting. This is necessary for integrating an advertisement strategy that can pique your audience’s interest.

Such a process allows you to determine who your audience are and what they want to hear.

3. Video Scripts Ensures Brand Voice Consistency

Try watching videos by professional video production companies like 1 Minute Media. Notice how a certain vibe helps you distinguish a brand’s video from the other? We call this vibe brand voice.

Brand voice refers to your brand’s consistent tone for certain matters. For instance, Nike is popularly known for its inspirational persona that encourages athletes. On the other hand, Apple conveys a brand persona full of quality, confidence, and intimacy.

Consumers associate brands with such personas because these brands consistently present themselves in that concept. Brands incorporate what they stand for every time they make an advertisement video. Hence, although each video has a different style and dialogue, the message they send is the same.

The key to such a consistent tone and feeling lies in video scripts. Casual live videos don’t necessarily follow a script as it contradicts the whole concept. However, professional or brand videos need one.

A script allows creators to portray the distinct brand voice they want.

4. Ensure You Achieve Your Goal

Content creation requires a set of sub-goals to ensure the project stays on track. For written content, subheadings help ensure that the article stays within the topic.

For videos, it’s the script that ensures the video doesn’t stray from the video’s integral message. Scripts contain dialogues and descriptions of scenes that form an ultimate message. These elements can serve as your checklist.

You can cross-check the video with the script to see if the things said and shown aligns with the message you’re trying to get across. In addition, it allows you to remove repetitive comments and scenes that only lengthen the video.

5. Fosters Healthy Collaboration

Some benefits of a video script include creating organized and professional working conditions. For one, you can have the confidence to break your team into separate parties.

You don’t have to worry about estranged outputs. Instead, you can simply hand them out a copy of the script. It will serve as their guide in ensuring that although you’re working differently, you’re all headed in the right direction.

Another is that video scripts can act as a clear written reference. When there’s a collaboration, there’s a higher chance of misunderstanding.

In such instances, it helps to have a clear visualization of what the project needs to look like. This will make it easier to point out the source of conflict and how one can resolve the problem.

6. Create Good Story Flow

Great ideas are useless when communicated and presented in the video disorderly. Thus, if you want to create a compelling video, you need to have a good flow of ideas. One way of ensuring good video flow is by scriptwriting.

With video scriptwriting, you’ll be able to see how the ideas in your video progress. This will give you a clear idea of which transition to improve. It also helps you determine the perfect timing to reveal those ideas for maximum impact.

7. Save Time and Money

You can “wing” cooking but never video production. Simply “winging out” video production stages such as filming only results in inefficient use of resources. You might end up filming unnecessary shots and recording cranky dialogues only to redo them.

Instead, use a video script to streamline your video production process. Video scripts tell you what scenes you need, which saves you time. As with any facet of the business, saving time means you’re also saving money.

Start Writing Your Video Script!

Video script helps ensure quality video by allowing you to organize your ideas into tangible visualizations. More importantly, having a video script can help you save time and money. There are countless more benefits of video scripts, so don’t laze out on scriptwriting.

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