5 Elements to Look For in a Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency


When you’re putting together a digital marketing campaign, there are a wide range of options you need to consider. One of them is email marketing – something that allows you to capture and develop leads for increased sales and revenue. Although, to get the utmost out of platforms like Klaviyo, it does pay to get a Klaviyo email marketing agency on your side.

5 Elements to Look For in a Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency

The problem is, you only need to do a cursory Google search to find that there are dozens of companies fighting for your custom. So, this raises the question, how do you go about choosing wisely? Here we provide five things to look out for to help you in this regard.

● Element #1 – An Extensive Portfolio of Work

A reputable Klaviyo email marketing agency will typically have a wealth of examples of how they’ve helped other companies like you gain success. This will not only show you that they’ve got the expertise to get you results, but also demonstrate that they have experience in your industry – as it matters.

● Element #2 – Do Their Services Fit Your Budget?

Another important element to consider is whether the pricing of the agency you’re looking at fits in with your allotted budget. It’s no good going with them, only to find later that you can’t continue, as you can’t afford what they provide. This is a lose-lose situation, so avoid it.

● Element #3 – What Kind of Email Tools Do They Use?

Of course, they’re Klaviyo experts, so their tools are going to be centered around it, but if you ask them which other tools they’ll be using, their answer will tell you an awful lot about the kind of Klaviyo email marketing agency you’re dealing with.

● Element #4 – How Open to Answering Questions Are They?

During your initial discussions with a potential agency, you’ll have a number of discussions about what they can offer you and how they can achieve it for you. So, they’ve got to expect that you’re going to have lots of questions that you need answering.

If, however, you find that you’re getting an increasingly impatient response, then this is something of a red flag. Transparency is a must when working on projects like these, so if they’re being guarded or reluctant to divulge at the outset, it doesn’t bode well.

● Element #5 – What Other Services Do They Offer?

What you’ll often find the best agencies will be ‘full service’ agencies, meaning that their expertise goes well beyond just email marketing. If you also see SEO, SMS marketing and other types on offer, there’s a good bet that you’re looking at a firm that really knows its stuff.

That’s not to say that email marketing-dedicated companies are bad, it’s just an indicator that you’ve chosen well.

Find the Right Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency & Soar!

With something as important as your lead and revenue generation, you need to know that the agency you use is going to do all the right things and keep you updated throughout.

These five elements will speak volumes about who you’re considering employing, so if you get any kind of bad feeling in relation to any of them, it might be wise to move on and keep looking.

Doing your due diligence at the beginning can save you so much time in the long run and there are some great agencies out there. Look in the right way, and you will find them.


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