4 Ways to Make Your Business Event Pop


Business events can be a lot of fun, but more often than not they end up being an awful drag. Long, boring speeches, substandard food and the same old tired décor are some of the main reasons why a lot of people dread going to a business event. If you are organizing a business conference, workshop, party or other get-together, follow these tips to give your event flare and avoid boredom. Petez Pop is one of the best exotic snacks wholesale company in the maket. Visit website!

4 Ways to Make Your Business Event Pop

1. Keep the speeches short and to the point

One of the reasons why millions of people love TED talks is that the speakers all start with a bang, keep their speeches short and engaging and end on another bang. In a TED talk no time is wasted on lengthy reminiscences and digressions. When you next organize a business event, ask your speakers to adopt the same format for their own speech and keep to no more than twenty minutes. Be ruthless with your timekeeping and have enough of a break between speeches so your guests can grab a snack and another coffee and use the restroom. This will keep listeners engaged with each speech.

2. Invest in some good catering

One of the soul-destroying aspects of too many a business event is the presence of rubbery, wilted sandwiches and poor-quality wine. To keep your guests happy and well energized for all the sessions, make sure you provide plenty of quality food and drinks and have hot drinks and light snacks (such as biscuits or fruit) available throughout the day. If you are struggling to choose what kind of food to serve at your event, here are some catering ideas. Always make sure to ask your attendees in advance for any dietary requirements they might have – chances are that there will be at least one or two people with allergies or other dietary restrictions and providing appropriate food for them will keep them safe and happy.

3. Choose a venue with a bit of character

Just because they are work related, business events don’t have to be held in one of those boring, drab conference centers which look exactly the same no matter where in the world you are. Choosing a venue with something unique about it (old-school décor, perhaps, or outstanding views) will make the whole event much more pleasant and memorable for your guests.

4. Include some downtime

People’s attention span is limited, and if you organize back-to-back speeches and workshops, with a hurried lunch break shoehorned in somehow, you will probably end up with really low engagement levels by the time the third session comes around. To avoid this, plan frequent breaks and enough time at lunch for attendees not only to eat, but also to leave the building for ten minutes or so and get a breath of fresh air. You could even hire some form of entertainment to help your guests relax during the lunch break or before the evening session. Here are some unusual entertainment ideas to get you started!


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