4 Things You Need to Automate Today for Growing Your Business


From luxury to now a necessity, automation has become an indispensable part of every business. From staffing to meetings, planning to execution – a business owner has much to do. Hence there is a dire need to simplify the routine tasks which need to be performed with great frequency. By automating the business processes you can free up your time which could be invested in relationship building, increasing brand value and scaling up your business.

4 Things You Need to Automate Today for Growing Your Business

4 things you need to automate today for growing your business without sucking up all your hours.

1. Tracking of employees

Good employee performance is highly crucial for the success of your business!

And it’s very hard to track it manually without a proper system in place. How would you know if a particular caller is taking follow-ups on time? How would you track their contribution in closing a deal?

If you can’t track employee performance how do you know that you’re getting the best out of their capabilities?

With automation and a robust system such as TeleCRM in place, you can easily determine:

  • How many calls your sales reps are making?
  • How often do they’re following up with customers?
  • How they are contacting them?
  • What stage of the sales cycle they are in, and so forth.

2. Sales pipeline tracking

To grow your business you need to be able to automate the sales process, taking control of outgoing calls and follow-ups. Which can cut downtime wastage and give employees a chance to spend time on what is actually important!

Sales pipeline tracking is one important task that will make it easy for you to:

  • See the deal stage.
  • Clearly view the revenue which is near closing.
  • Pay attention to deals that show high chances of conversion.
  • Build a customized sales process for your organization.
  • Build customized sales pipeline for unique sales processes.

3. Customer support

Poor customer service drives your customers away faster than you can ever imagine!!
Imagine putting the customer on hold for hours while hunting for the colleague who last connected with a particular prospect. Switching to a WhatsApp CRM can drive these fears away.

One negative experience could send customers running to your competitor, while a single positive experience might make them stick to your brand!!

Customers are the king, patrons and soul of your business. And the day they feel neglected is the day they lose their trust in you. Once you automate your entire customer support system, no customer will ever return back without having their doubts resolved.

Trust me, customer support automation is not as bad an idea as it seems. It’ll help you:

  • Streamline the ever-increasing volume of interactions across touchpoints.
  • Lessen the response time.
  • Be available round the clock.
  • Reduce your cost, since half of them will be resolved using CHATBOTS, CRM’S before they reach the live agent.

Good customer service will not just retain your current customers but will make you more customers. Their honest testimonials will perform better than any of your current marketing strategies!

It’s always much cheaper to retain an old customer than acquiring new one’s.

4. Retarget and resell mechanism

Do you know the number of people who visit your website and leave without making a purchase is enormously huge?

Studies show that it is only 3% of the website visitors who end up making a purchase at the first instance.

This brings you to a very important task of retargeting the potential customers.
If you do not do it you lose them forever!

Retargeting campaigns could be done with the help of Google Ads, Facebook retargeting, LinkedIn Ads and other retargeting advertising platforms.

Believe me retargeting does magic, you engrave your brand name and the product into your customers brain and hence create a recall value and when they feel the need of something similar, you will pop up in their head, without a doubt!!


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