3 Instagram Growth Strategies to Increase Your Followers


You probably spend a lot of time working on your Instagram marketing strategy. And, of course, you don’t want your efforts to go to waste. So, to achieve real Instagram success, you need an engaged following.

But, significant Instagram growth doesn’t happen overnight. To attract new followers, you will need to increase brand awareness, account engagement, and the quality of your content. Now, this might sound easier said than done, and it actually is, because to truly grow your Instagram account, you will need to have a solid growth strategy in place.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few growth strategies to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account. So, whether you are just starting with your Instagram marketing or already have an account that struggles to attract new followers, you came to the right place.

3 Instagram Growth Strategies to Increase Your Followers

Consistency is essential

Initially, let’s focus on making sure you understand Instagram fundamentals. You cannot rely entirely on one post going viral in order to attract users’ attention. The majority of posts won’t become incredibly popular, so you need to come up with a better strategy to reach your target audience. Examine your publishing schedule, consistency, and content standards.

Make sure to check Instagram growth as often as possible, all while consistently publishing new content to see what works and what doesn’t, and better understand whether your growth is in line with your expectations. By posting consistently, you give your fans a reason to anticipate your next message. Larger brands, usually, publish several times every day, whereas smaller companies could only post a few times a week.

Ensure that your schedule is consistent so that you can create expectations with your audience, whatever you decide to commit to. Finally, it’s crucial to maintain high standards for content quality. These days, Instagram feeds have a lot more traffic, so you need to stick out. Poor-quality images won’t increase your Instagram following but those who are producing original, compelling content will.

Get your audience involved

You must do a better job of engaging with your followers if you want to boost your Instagram account. You should try your best to reply to every remark, tag, and message you get. Promptly answering any question your followers ask, will show them that you are paying attention to what they have to say.

Create content that is interesting and encourages engagement. Your Instagram Stories are a terrific tool for this. It’s a great approach to entice your audience to interact with your brand, especially if you decide to use stickers as well. In addition to creating polls and quizzes, you can also add question stickers, and links to a fundraiser, include a countdown, provide links to your website, etc.

But, you also need to be proactive and engage with your audience’s content. Find accounts that are relevant to your niche and start engaging with their content. This raises the likelihood that someone will discover you and follow you.

Optimize your Instagram bio

You have 150 characters for your Instagram bio, so use them wisely. Your bio is the first impression potential followers get of your profile. So, you have to be very clear in your bio about what your company does so they can determine right away whether they want to follow you and make purchases from your company.

In addition to writing a concise summary of your company, make sure to also incorporate elements of your brand identity, as well as a call to action and a website link. Better yet, create a landing page just for Instagram using a link-in-bio tool rather than referring to your website directly to boost hits and conversions. You may do this to maximize the use of your single Instagram bio link and link out from each of your posts, sending followers to a number of different pages.

Final thoughts

If you want to significantly grow your Instagram account, you must concentrate on gaining real, quality followers and raising your engagement levels whether you are just beginning or already have an established Instagram business account. There are different Instagram growth strategies but all of them revolve around attracting followers that engage with your content as these are the ones that have the potential to convert into loyal customers. Achieve this and as a result, your website will receive organic traffic from Instagram and, most importantly, gain new clients.


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